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OKRs Workshop

Hosted by Ops Stories & Mickey Peicheva
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Welcome to yet another Ops Stories workshop. Every now and then, we put our heads together to dive into an operational topic presented to us by one of our community members.

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​This time, the topic is brought and workshop facilitated by Mickey Peicheva, Director of Operations at WeFarm. We’ll be talking about OKRs.

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What makes a successful OKR process? What works, what doesn't - collectively, as a community, we hold a huge amount of knowledge on this topic which if combined we can leverage to make OKRs easier going forwards and build upon our learnings.

The goal of the workshop is to learn from one another and combine our experiences.

Who is it for: this is a workshop for anyone who is using OKRs, whether for many years or only for a week.

​🤔 Some questions/topics we’ll be tackling:

We will focus on sharing stories and learnings from implementing OKRs as Operators.

  • What had been tested and works well

  • What had been tested and doesn’t work

  • Tactical tips we can add to our toolbox

We will workshop this on Miro into smaller groups and combine them into a blog post after, so we can share the insights 🧠

⏰ Agenda:

​7:55 - 8:00 am - "Arrive" online

​8:00 - 8:15 am - Intro to the topic & workshop brief

​8:15 - 9:10 am - Workshop in smaller groups (with a template & prompts, making it easy and fun)

​9:10 - 9:30 am - Summary of key takeaways & wrap-up

🥐 Please feel free to bring your breakfast and consume it during the discussion. See you soon! ☕️