Homemade Diets for Dogs Workshop with the Canine Health Nut



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Interested in homemade dog food but worried if it will be a balanced diet for your dog?

Join Petminded and the Canine Health Nut for a workshop for tips on how to create a balanced homemade diet for your dog. You will learn about:

  • The benefits of a balanced homemade diet

  • The top mistakes pet parents make while making dog food at home

  • Which nutrients are most important

  • How to calculate what your dog needs!

  • And much more

Your speaker is Nikki Giovanelli, RVT + BS Biology + AS Animal Science and a self proclaimed Canine Nutrition Research Junkie. Nikki will share easy to follow tips and ideas with you --- plus ways to keep your dog's diet affordable and not too messy ;)

You don't want to miss this! Plus we will send a recording to every one who signs up!

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