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Sundowner for the SaaS Soul

Hosted by Usha & Jennifer
Past Event
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About Event

We’re assembling the value delivery army at SaaStr! 

If you are a founder, CCO, or post-sales leader who wants to meet your tribe after the first day of the SaaStr festival, we got you! 

As the sun dips below the horizon, the SaaS world will come to life at the SaaS Sundowner. Connect with your peers, professionals, innovators, and thought leaders from the post-sale realm with a fusion of delectable refreshments and engaging conversations. Join us to ignite valuable partnerships and meaningful connections, and refuel yourself for the next two days at SaaStr! 

Let's raise our glasses to innovation, collaboration, and a sunset that mirrors the brilliance of the SaaS industry.

The event is brought to you by: 

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Intelligage: EQI: A robust set of AI Data that you've never had before

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