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Cover Image for Restaking Summit | Old Friends Reunion Denver
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Restaking Summit | Old Friends Reunion Denver

Hosted by Calvin Liu
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Hey Frens! New year new vision, IOSG Ventures can’t wait to meet you guys again, our Old Friends! 2024, how about let’s begin with a mega event, gathering big figures, you name them and we bring them, and fostering the crypto future together!

Here we are thrilled to announce, Old Friends Reunion 11th @ Denver — Restaking Summit is coming! On March 1st, @ EthDenver, we will have a half-day Event discussing Staking, AVS, Data Availability, ZK Coprocessor, Layer2, etc

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Location: CAPITOL PEAK BALLROOM (38th floor), Grand Hyatt Denve

Why Restaking?

Restaking protocols emerge as a promising breakthrough, unlocking new possibilities for decentralized ecosystems. By enabling the utilization of staked assets on Ethereum across various protocols, these protocols not only bolster security but also promise lucrative rewards for engaged validators and nominator stakers. This collaborative synergy between networks ensures a multifaceted stream of rewards, emanating both from the Ethereum parent network and the specific protocols benefiting from the restaking initiative. 

Transforming pooled resources into flexible assets available for rent across diverse systems, restaking introduces a realm of advantages. From significantly enhanced rewards—surpassing solo staking yields—to providing vital security support for emerging protocols, restaking proves to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for addressing cold-start challenges. Furthermore, the scalability and adaptability offered by restaking services position it as a powerful tool for protocols, promising dynamic adjustments in security measures based on evolving network demands. The future of decentralized staking is undoubtedly bright, with restaking protocols at its forefront, ushering in a new era of security, rewards, and scalability.


2:00 PM Opening Remark

  • Ray Xiao, IOSG Ventures, Senior Director

2:15 PM Talk: EigenLayer: Coordination Layer of Open Innovation

  • Sreeram Kannan, EigenLayer, Founder & CEO

2:30 PM Panel: Liquid Restaking

  • Ray Xiao, IOSG Ventures, Senior Director

  • Lucas Kozinski, Renzo, Co-founder

  • Mike Silagadze, Etherfi, Founder & CEO

  • Daniel Dizon, Swell, Founder

  • Amitej Gajjala, KelpDAO, Founding Contributor

  • Amir Forouzani, Puffer, Core Contributor

3:10 PM Talk: DA: 100 Days Later

  • John Adler, Celestia, Co-founder & CRO

3:25 PM Panel: Road to Hyperscale DA Solution

  • Jiawei Zhu, IOSG Ventures, Investor — MC

  • Sreeram Kannan, EigenLayer, Founder & CEO

  • John Adler, Celestia, Co-founder & CRO

  • Ganesh Swami, Covalent, Founder

  • Dan Mills, Avail, Head of Product

  • Michael Heinrich, Zero Gravity, CEO

4:05 PM Fireside Chat: Bitcoin & Staking Programmability

  • David Tse, Babylon, Co-Founder

  • Alexei Zamyatin, Interlay/BOB, Co-Founder

4:35 PM Panel: DA+Layer2

  • Yiping Lu, IOSG Ventures, Investor — MC

  • Jeremy Bruestle, RISC Zero, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

  • Oren Katz, StarkWare, COO

  • Misha Komarov, Nil Foundation, Founder

  • Austin Marrazza, Offchain Labs, Product manager

  • Marcin Mischalski, Matter Labs, Chief Protocol Architect

5:15 PM Talk: Accelerate Ethereum with Restaked Rollups

  • Yao Qi, AltLayer, Founder

5:30 PM Panel: AVS Design Principle

  • Jiawei Zhu, IOSG Ventures, Investor — MC

  • Yao Qi, AltLayer, Founder

  • Riad Wahby, Cubist, Co-founder & CEO

  • Jon Kol, Hyperlane, Co-founder & CEO

  • Luis Schliesske, Gelato, Co-founder

6:10 PM Panel: Empowering Coprocessor with Cryptoeconomic Primitive

  • Ray Xiao, IOSG Ventures, Senior Director

  • Yi Sun, Axiom, Co-founder

  • Junda Liu, Brevis, Co-founder

  • Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh, Lagrange, Founder

  • Marcello Bardus, Herodotus, Co-founder & CTO

  • Scott Dykstra, Space & Time, Co-founder & CTO

About Old Friends Reunion

Over the past 6 years, we’ve successfully held a series of Old Friend Reunion events, with more than 2500 attendees and 150+ industry experts, 15+ top-tier media coverage, and over 7000 views via live streaming on Youtube, bringing together all the founders and leaders for profound discussions. Following the success of OFR Istanbul 2023 — Autonomous Arcade & Mass AdoptionOFR Singapore 2023 — LSD & ZK Modular, OFR Paris 2023 — Generative World Architecture, OFR Denver 2023 — Security Day, OFR Lisbon 2022 — Sovereign Individual&ZK Odyssey, and OFR Shenzhen 2021 — Scaling Summit & Metaverse Carnival, etc. We’re thrilled to carry forward the trend and add value to the dynamic crypto industry in 2024.

About IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures is a pioneering crypto fund founded in 2017 that invests in the future of Web3. As a thesis-driven firm, we assist founders in developing community-driven protocols that are primed to transform the crypto landscape. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of innovative and high-potential investments, including ZKRU (Scroll, StarkWare, Arbitrum, zkSync), Security Auditing(Runtime Verification, Hexens), MEV (Flashbots, Blocknative), DeFi/NFT-Fi (1inch, MetaMask), FOG (Big Time, Illuvium), and several industry leaders including Arweave, Cosmos, Celestia, EigenLayer, Scroll, zkSync, Nil Foundation, and Mina, etc. We are passionate about investing in crypto-native paradigms that have the potential to transform the future of the industry, whether you’re building infra, middleware, security, gaming, or social platforms.

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