Cover Image for OFR Dubai | Singularity: AI X Crypto Convergence
Cover Image for OFR Dubai | Singularity: AI X Crypto Convergence
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OFR Dubai | Singularity: AI X Crypto Convergence

Hosted by IOSG Ventures
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In the intense embrace of Artificial Intelligence, IOSG Ventures is presenting the 12th edition of our signature Old Friends Reunion (OFR) series, themed "Singularity | AI x Crypto Convergence" around Token 2049 Dubai on April 17.

This event will be a half-day gathering, bringing together experts and top-tier founders from the space, and discussing topics such as GPU Networks, AI Agent, ZKML, Data, etc.

🏨 Location: Emirates Ballroom (6th Floor), JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

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1:00 PM Check-in

2:00 PM Opening Remark | AI x Crypto Investment Philosophy

2:15 PM Keynote | Why AI Needs to be Open

  • Illia Polosukhin, Co-founder of NEAR

2:30 PM Fireside | Enabling AI Function in the Last Generation Blockchain

  • Illia Polosukhin, Co-founder of NEAR

  • Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon

Moderating by Momir Amidzic, Senior Director, IOSG Ventures

3:05 PM Panel | Data & AI Model

Moderating by Mohit Pandit, Investment, IOSG Ventures

3:50 PM Panel | The Role of AI Agent in Crypto

  • Ethan Jackson, Co-founder & ML Scientist of ChainML

  • Humayun Sheikh, Co-founder & CEO of

  • Michael P O'Rourke, Co-founder & CEO of Pocket Network (Grove)

  • Niraj Pant, Co-founder of Ritual

  • Nick Emmons, Co-founder of Upshot (Allora)

Moderating by Roshan Raghupathy, Researcher, Marlin Protocol

4:35 PM Keynote | AI On-Chain: Why Web3 is the Best Path Forward for AI

  • Ethan Jackson, Co-founder & ML Scientist of ChainML

4:50 PM Panel | ZKML: Applications & Challenges

Moderating by Gokhan Er, Managing Director, IOSG Ventures

5:35 PM Panel | GPU Networks

  • Ben Fielding, Co-founder of Gensyn

  • Trevor Harries-Jones, COO of OTOY(Render

  • Tory Green, Co-founder & COO of

  • Mark Rydon, Co-founder & CEO of Aethir

Moderating by Raullen Chai, Co-founder, IoTeX

🔥 Why AI x Crypto

The recent boom in large language models (LLMs) has raised user expectations for more intelligent, blockchain-native decentralized applications. However, building crypto-native AI infrastructure presents significant challenges. AI requires vast computational power, which is often centralized. Making this power usable, affordable, and decentralized is a complex undertaking....

Builders are tackling these challenges from the ground up, using crypto-native approaches to construct peer-to-peer GPU networks. These networks are essential for providing the affordable, decentralized GPU resources needed to support a thriving crypto AI ecosystem.

On top of this GPU infrastructure, builders are creating inference networks integrated with various blockchain ecosystems. Zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) plays a crucial role in ensuring the decentralization and integrity of model inferences. ML models are inherently vulnerable; altering just one weight among billions of parameters can lead to inaccurate results. Robust solutions are needed to verify the correctness of ML inferences before widespread adoption.

Building on this foundation, innovators are developing decentralized, open agent networks with effective incentive structures inherited from the NFT ecosystem. Builders are also designing enhanced stablecoins that generate real yields for AI users, allowing their funds to automatically accrue interest when not being used to pay for AI services.

The AI revolution is not limited to Ethereum, the world’s largest decentralized computer. It is also expanding to the Bitcoin system, where developers are building fast, low-cost, programmable Layer 2 solutions to prepare for the coming AI boom in the BTC ecosystem.

About Old Friends Reunion

​Over the past 6 years, we’ve successfully held a series of Old Friend Reunion events, with more than 2500 attendees and 150+ industry experts, 15+ top-tier media coverage, and over 7000 views via live streaming on Youtube, bringing together all the founders and leaders for profound discussions. Following the success of OFR Istanbul 2023 — Autonomous Arcade & Mass AdoptionOFR Singapore 2023 — LSD & ZK Modular, OFR Paris 2023 — Generative World Architecture, OFR Denver 2023 — Security Day, OFR Lisbon 2022 — Sovereign Individual&ZK Odyssey, and OFR Shenzhen 2021 — Scaling Summit & Metaverse Carnival, etc. We’re thrilled to carry forward the trend and add value to the dynamic crypto industry in 2024.

​About IOSG Ventures

​IOSG Ventures is a pioneering crypto fund founded in 2017 that invests in the future of Web3. As a thesis-driven firm, we assist founders in developing community-driven protocols that are primed to transform the crypto landscape. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of innovative and high-potential investments, including ZKRU (Scroll, StarkWare, Arbitrum, zkSync), Security Auditing(Runtime Verification, Hexens), MEV (Flashbots, Blocknative), DeFi/NFT-Fi (1inch, MetaMask), Gaming (Big Time, Illuvium, Treasure, The Beacon, Dynasty), and several industry leaders including Arweave, Cosmos, Celestia, EigenLayer, Nil Foundation, and Mina, etc. We are passionate about investing in crypto-native paradigms that have the potential to transform the future of the industry, whether you’re building infra, middleware, security, gaming, or social platforms.

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JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai
Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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