Cover Image for Introducing Discover Regenerative: Open Food Network in-Depth
Cover Image for Introducing Discover Regenerative: Open Food Network in-Depth
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Introducing Discover Regenerative: Open Food Network in-Depth

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Demand for regenerative produce will be critical in driving behaviour change in agriculture towards regenerative and agro-ecological approaches. However, the current lack of clear regenerative assurance practices and standards risks allowing greenwashing of the sector, undermining consumer and buyer confidence at a critical time.

Join Kirsten Larsen of Open Food Network to learn more about how a cross-sectoral coalition of Australian regenerative agriculture organisations is tackling this issue through the launch of the Discover Regenerative Portal. This online showcase of Australian regenerative farmers and their products is designed to increase visibility, trust and integrity for the rapidly emerging regenerative agriculture sector and marketplace, by providing buyers with a comprehensive picture of Australia’s regenerative sector.

Launching in April 2024, with support from the Macdoch Foundation, Discover Regenerative lays the foundations for farmer-controlled regenerative assurance data management systems, adopting best practices in values-based technology, prioritising:

  • Data sovereignty: interfaces that ensure producers can understand and explicitly agree to how their data is used, and easily remove consent and/or assign granular data access permissions

  • Interoperability: integrations to ensure that profile, product, and assurance information can be uploaded, managed and shared easily across platforms. Producers do not need to enter or upload the same information in multiple places.

  • Open source and open standards: technical infrastructure and standards-based solutions that can be readily replicated, adapted, and scaled in diverse situations and circumstances

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