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Substack Writer Office Hours



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Thu, Dec 15
6:00 PM

Event Information

Have questions about publishing, growing, or going paid on Substack? The Substack team, and your fellow writers, are here to help.

Each week on Thursdays, we gather the writer community and members of our Community, Product, and Writer Development teams together in a written discussion thread like this one to answer writer questions for an hour.

This event will happen On Substack, the Substack publication. At the scheduled time of the Office Hours, the discussion thread will be the first post in the Resource section.

There is no video or audio component to this event. The entire event will happen in the discussion thread.

Writers are not required to RSVP but rather encouraged to stop by weekly for 5 minutes or the full hour to get their questions answered. We created this events page so that writers can save Office Hours to their calendars.