Customer Success Mixer [Hosted by CS Insider] 9:30am

Mar 4 (Thu), 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Event Information

ā€‹Join us for a fun day of speed networking. Here how things will go down:

ā€‹šŸ‘‰ Participants will be broken up into 1:1 mixer rooms.

ā€‹šŸ‘‰ Each mixer room will have a few prompts to get the conversation started and will last five minutes each.

ā€‹šŸ‘‰ There will be a total of 8 mixer room rounds.

ā€‹šŸ‘‰ Each round we encourage everyone to connect on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going.

ā€‹Boom! By attending you'll meet and connect with eight new CS professionals.

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