Cover Image for NorCal Solar Equinox Meetup🔆Berkeley😎March 20🌞5-7pm

NorCal Solar Equinox Meetup🔆Berkeley😎March 20🌞5-7pm

Hosted by NorCal Solar & 3 others
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NorCal solar as a non-profit 501(c)(3) conduit for you solar and storage adventure.

NorCal Solar members make it happen.

​Founded in 1974 NorCal was working on solar energy projects before Carter was president.

​Come talk about the

and share some salad

in Berkeley.


​NorCal current leadership team:

​Sean White - CEO Whitehouse Solar ( Leading Solar PV Trainer )

​Saad Youssefi - CEO of Novus Sentry ( Battery Energy Storage )

​Paul Subzak - Engineering Manager Conductor Power ( Utility Scale Solar )

​Olivia Heitz - Banyan Infrastructure ( Climate Fintech )

Kevin Gao - Solar manufacturing

Jean Woo - Solar Entpreneur

Doug McKenzie - Solar Entrepreneur