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Nature Tech in Action: Case Studies from the Field (Livestream)

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What is nature tech and what does it look like in action? These questions – and many more – will be answered at a session that showcases five nature tech start-ups deploying the latest technology in the field to scale up high-integrity nature-based solutions. Nature4Climate and the MRV Collective are hosting a nature tech showcase event at NYCW, bringing together a range of start-up companies that are deploying the latest in advanced technologies to meet the world’s net zero and nature positive goals. Although a nascent sector, nature tech is witnessing a surge in interest – from financial institutions, corporate buyers, the venture capital market and impact investors.

Participants Include

Shyla Raghav - Co-founder, TIME Co2

Siddarth Shrikanth - Investor - Industrial and Natural Climate Solutions, Just Climate

Marion Verles, CEO, SustainCERT

Meghan Hertel, Director North America, Land Life

Kat Bruce, Founder, NatureMetrics

Jonathan Kim, VP Climate Impact, Terraformation

Manuel Pinuela, Co-founder and CEO, Cultivo

Beatrice Moulianitaki, CCO, Merida

Chrissy Durkin, VP Growth & Impact, Rainforest Connection

Gilad Goren, ED, MRV Collective

Lucy Almond, Nature4Climate

Thomas Elliott, CEO, Restor


Nature tech can be characterised in the following ways: technology that helps deploy NbS such as drones for reforestation; monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) technologies such as satellite monitoring; technology that improves transparency such as blockchain for carbon transactions; and technology such as mobile apps and platforms that connect local communities to higher-paying markets for their products. These areas are evolving to address a wide range of environmental challenges including habitat destruction, deforestation, soil degradation, water pollution, and species loss. Nature tech’s ability to value and report on nature will greatly improve in the coming years, providing increasingly bankable benefits for those who protect, restore and manage natural systems, ecosystems and landscapes.


Our speakers represent companies from across this full range of technologies in this exciting new sector, and include SustainCERT, Land Life, NatureMetrics, Terraformation, Cultivo, Meridia, Rainforest Connection, and Restor. We will also feature expert investors from impact investing and the VC community including Shyla Raghav, Co-Founder at TIME and Siddarth Shrikanth, Investor of Industrial & Natural Climate Solutions, Just Climate.

Initial findings from a new nature tech market report will also be previewed at the event by Nature4Climate & MRV Collective.