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Cover Image for 🧠 GenAI Collective NYC 🧠 Unlocking the Next Wave of GenAI Adoption in Industry
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🧠 GenAI Collective NYC 🧠 Unlocking the Next Wave of GenAI Adoption in Industry

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New York, New York
Past Event
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About Event

Hello NYC! The GenAI Collective is delighted to announce our latest event, Unlocking the Next Wave of GenAI Adoption in Industry. Join us for an exclusive dinner where we dive deep into the emerging trends and untapped opportunities of Generative AI in various industries.

Who Should Attend?

This event is designed for forward-thinking founders, researchers, executives & investors, who are at the forefront of integrating Generative AI to redefine the boundaries of their industries.

What to Expect?

Amidst an engaging dinner setting, we will explore pivotal questions shaping the future of Generative AI in business:

  • How are companies across industries using Generative AI in innovative ways to solve problems in their domains?

  • What unseen opportunities does Generative AI hold beyond common use cases (customer support, code & copy generation, etc)?

  • What are the shifts needed to drive broader and more innovative AI adoption in the B2B & enterprise context?

  • What are the organizational & technological challenges must we overcome to realize AI’s full potential across diverse sectors?

This evening is more than a meal—it's a forum for industry leaders and visionary thinkers to share insights, challenge the status quo, and collaborate on future-forward solutions. Come prepared to engage in deep, meaningful dialogues that aim to propel the next wave of AI adoption and transformative business practices.

We're eager to share this unique experience with you and look forward to your contributions to what promises to be a dynamic and enlightening discussion. See you there!

Please be advised: Unfortunately, space is very limited at these community events and we can not always accept everyone we would like to. If you are not accepted to this event, please keep applying! We appreciate your application tremendously and we are looking forward to seeing you at a future event very soon!

​​The GenAI Collective is a growing community of 10,000+ founders, researchers, operators, and investors built around a shared curiosity for AI. Through incredible in-person events and vibrant online forums, members leverage their diverse perspectives and innovative minds to foster meaningful relationships, solve challenging problems, and define the future of AI.

Your Hosts

Prithvi Rajasekaran is a Software Engineer at NerdWallet. Previously, he worked at MIT & C3 AI, supporting research & product development of AI for various real world use cases. 

Sriram Ramakrishnan is currently a Product Manager at Visa working on biometric identity and risk authentication solutions. He previously launched Finch (consumer neobank, brokerage & rewards card) and prior to that, worked at Techstars and Jet.

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New York, New York
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