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November Climate Tech Meetup

Hosted by Alec Turnbull, MCJ Collective & Michelle Li
Past Event
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With the colder weather and growing group, it's time to move inside!

I've booked the downstairs room at Loreley for our meetup — we'll have it to ourselves and should be easier to chat.

If this is your first time — we normally have 25-30 people, about half of whom are regulars. A lot of attendees are just looking to get into climate tech and come from a variety of backgrounds, while others are already old hands.

Once a critical mass of people have arrived, we typically do a round of intros so everyone knows who's there and what people are working on. We encourage you to through out any asks or requests when you're doing it and to go follow up with people working on things you're interested in.

We’ll have space this time for some lightning talks, if anyone wants to present to the group for <5 minutes — let me know and we’ll set it up.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!