Wizly LIVE Learning- Revenue makes the rocking world go round with Trevor Longino



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One of the toughest things to create in a new business or startup is a sustainable revenue model. But once you get it, usually after the basic product-market fit has been established, you can soar as you know exactly what you are selling to who.

Trevor will demystify the CAC/LTV golden ratio concept and help you answer the 5 toughest questions you need to know to pick and execute on the right model.

What will be covered: 

✅ Who do I provide value to?

✅ Who will pay me?

✅ What do I charge for?

✅ How do I find new paying users?

✅ What costs must I bear?

Who is this session for?

Founders of seed stage startups & early businesses

What you will go away with:

✅ What the main pieces in your revenue plan should be

✅ The 5 (not so) easy questions to define how your startup delivers value & generates revenue

✅ How to define your launch pricing & your launch customer base

✅ The 6 basic revenue models and how to build your  business around one (or several) of them.

Presentation: 40 mins

Q & A: 20 mins


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