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What's The Deal With Crypto?

Hosted by Edward Saperia
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Crypto's one of the most polarising subjects among those interested in tech, politics, and economics. For its most ardent critics, crypto's a giant scam that's going to end badly. And for the crypto industry shills, crypto's the financial saviour of our generation.

Bitcoin was complex enough. Now we have an ever-expanding crypto jargon of decentralised finance, NFTs, web3, and so on. How to make sense of it all?

Where did crypto come from anyway, why is it still around, and where is it headed?

The event will begin with a talk by Newspeak House fellow ('17-'18) Ekin Genc who's written 600+ pieces ( on crypto for such outlets as VICE, Fortune, Decrypt, CoinDesk, and Culture3. It will be followed by an open discussion.

After the talk, you are welcome to join Ration Club, Newspeak House's weekly social.