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Navigating Through Life and Career

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Ever wondered how to embrace the unpredictability of life? The messiness of life is not something we are taught to navigate by our formal education. And this often leaves us feeling lost and confused.

Varun Duggirala has survived and thrived in a system that throws curveballs at us without the tools to actually overcome them.

Varun is the co-founder of The Glitch and helped it become India’s largest new-age, ‘digital-first’ creative agency. One of India’s leading conversationalists in the modern business, personal development and creator landscapes, his three podcasts have received over a million listens.

He is now the author of Everything Is Out of Syllabus – an instruction manual on optimizing life for happiness and high performance.

In Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he offers answers to some poignant questions we grapple with about work and life. Most importantly, he tells readers of the skills one needs to master to live a more fulfilled life that is optimized for happiness.

In this session Varun will give us a glance of his book and his learnings and stories of navigating life and career. He will try to address some fundamental questions that school and college fails to teach us, such as:

  • How do we start things?

  • How do we make right choices?

  • How do we really learn?

  • How do we connect with other people and build relationships?

  • How do we reflect within ourselves?

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