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'nth culture' by fingacode | London

Hosted by Irina Liakh & Samer Dabra
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Join us for a showcase and live minting of 'nth culture' by fingacode at Bright Moments London.

November 4th, opening night: 6-10pm

November 5th and 6th: 4-8pm

'nth culture' takes inspiration from the textile heritage of Junior’s maternal homeland of Bamenda, Cameroon. Toghu and Ndop fabrics are rich in meaning, using a selection of motifs, colour palettes, patterns and compositions that have lineages to specific places and traditions.

This collection is a celebration of identity, abstracting interwoven narratives of textile heritage through generative coding to reflect the experience of children of the diaspora; living lives in spaces between multiple cultural worlds. nth culture explores the concept of ‘Third Culture' and reflects on the unique diversity of personal identity.