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NFX Guild: Introduction to GenTech Tools  

Hosted by NFX
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About Event

With Generative Tech, you have the ability to do things that weren't possible before. But there are no experts yet, as it's happening too fast. We, the NFX Guild, have to become the experts ourselves.

We're going to have one event in two parts hosted by James Currier to learn more about the tactics and tools that are emerging.

Part 1: Introduction to GenTech Tools  

Wednesday, January 18th, 3:30pm PST

James Currier will share tactics that are emerging in Generative tech along with tools and strategies to implement. We’ll open up discussion to Founders to ask questions and share insights. We’ll all leave with experiments to try.

Part 2: Roundtable on Results of Guild experiments

Wednesday, February 22nd, 1:30pm PST

After 4 weeks, we’ll reconvene to educate each other on the results - successes and failures. We’ll have an open forum to share, and will collect all of our learnings to publish to the Guild. This report will be an ongoing project to generate early learnings in Generative Tech.