Cover Image for ICP.Hub Balkans Winter Ideathon
Cover Image for ICP.Hub Balkans Winter Ideathon
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ICP.Hub Balkans Winter Ideathon

Hosted by ICP HUB Bulgaria
Past Event
Welcome! To join the event, please register below.
About Event

This December, the vibrant community of ICP.Hub Balkan is gearing up for an extraordinary event – a 48-hour Ideathon that promises to be a melting pot of Web3 innovation, collaboration, and competitive spirit. 


  1. Register for the Event

  2. ​Have a look at the "Calendar" section for the ideathon dates and our exciting kickoff event.

  3. ​Join the ICP.Hub Balkans Discord with your teammates and get advice our team.

  4. ​Review the "Ideathon Guidelines & Submission" section for more information on how to submit your idea.

  5. Review the "Tracks & Prizes" section for more info about the Idea Overview as well as the prizes.

  6. ​Check out the "FAQ" section for more additional Info.


  • Kick Off Event: Friday, 8.12.2023 - 16pm CET

  • End Date: Sunday, 10.12.2023 - 16pm CET

  • Ideathon Results: Friday, 15.12.2023

Ideathon Guidelines

  • Find the team (Minimum of 2 people)

  • Join our discord

  • Attend kick-off event.

  • Submit your idea by 10.12.2023 (16pm CET) following the form provided by the ICP.Hub Balkans.

    • Please note that the form will be provided soon here as well as on discord.


  • Each project will be submitted by the 10.12.2023 (16pm CET)

  • Projects will be submitted through a proprietary form which will be published on our discord.

  • Submission form will consist of mandarory information as well as a Project Pitch Deck which elaborates the scope and the idea.


- DeSoc (Decentralized Social Media)
- Real-World-Asset Tokenization
- Privacy Focused Applications
- DAO Tooling
- Gaming & Entertainment
- Multichain Infrastructure & Dapps
- Social Impact Applications
- DeFi - Decentralized Finance
- DeAI - Decentralized AI
- Open Applications (Your imagination is the limit)


🥇 First Place - $600 
🥈 Second Place - $300 
🥉 Third Place - $100 


  • Teams can have a maximum of 5 members. 

  • A team can submit a maximum of 3 ideas. 

  • ​You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas. Any idea that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified.

  • By participating within this ideathon you agree to the terms and conditions of IC


How can I submit the project?
You will be able to submit the project in a form created prior to the start of ideathon here on discord.

When will we know the winners?
Winners will be announced on 15.12.2023 on Discord.

If I have a great idea in place can we make a reality?
Of course, early next year we are planning a cross-country hackaton but you can always contact us and we see how we can support you in realization of the idea.

Who is eligible to participate in the Ideathon?
Everyone! Whether you're an experienced developer, a newcomer, or a student, you're invited to join.

Is there a fee to participate in the Ideathon?
Absolutely not! Participation is free of charge.

Where will the Ideathon take place?
On our official Discord channel: Discord

What if I don't have an idea or a team?
Join our Discord, send us a message, and we'll help you form a team and brainstorm ideas.

What is the recommended team size for the Ideathon? Between 1 to 5 members for effective collaboration.

What kind of support is available for participants? Mentorship, technical support, and ideation assistance from our team.

Are there any off-limits topics for project ideas?
Projects should be respectful and appropriate for a diverse audience. Offensive or harmful topics are not accepted.

How can I get more information or ask additional questions? Reach out at or ask on our Discord channel.

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