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Session topic: Choose your next marketing play
Figure out where your best opportunity is and take action on it.

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Learn how to put your marketing ideas to the test inside Growthtrackers Live! This is a weekly livestream where you'll make smarter marketing bets for your business. Growthtrackers Live! is a sneak peak of my marketing experimentation program Growthtrackers.

About Lex Roman

Hey, I'm Lex. I empower creatives to make smarter marketing bets so they can find their clients on repeat. I'm a former Silicon Valley growth designer turned small biz growth marketer. I’ve been crafting revenue-generating online strategies for companies like Gusto, Nissan, Macys and The Black Tux since 2010. Now, I’m on a mission to help small business get seen and get sales without being beholden to big tech. Learn more at