Cover Image for ETHTaipei Scavenger Hunt by the Nouns Running Club
Cover Image for ETHTaipei Scavenger Hunt by the Nouns Running Club
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ETHTaipei Scavenger Hunt by the Nouns Running Club

Hosted by akira wu & Adrian Li
Past Event
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About Event

​🚀 ETHTaipei Scavenger Hunt 🚀

​A Road to Devcon Event Sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation.

​📅 When: March 24th, 16:00 - 17:30

​📍 Where: Meet at POPOP, and run across Taipei's coolest spots!

​👀 Event Overview:

​Race against the clock with the Nouns Running Club, tackle unique Ethereum-themed quizzes at various checkpoints, and see if you can get to the finish line first!

​🔑 How It Works:

  1. ​Start Point: Meet up at POPOP for your first clue.

  2. ​Checkpoint Challenge: Navigate to various checkpoints across Taipei, solving Ethereum-related puzzles to get the next clue.

  3. ​Keys to Win: Speed and accuracy in solving puzzles, plus your knowledge of Ethereum, will push you ahead. And don't forget to run fast 🏃🏻‍♀️💨!

  4. ​Finish Line: First 10 finishers snag a prize 🎁!

​💸 Prizes: Grab 420 TWD if you're among the first 10 to dash through the finish line!

​🙌 Who Should Join: Open to all! Crypto wizards or newbies, come have a blast!

​🎒 Bring Along:

  • ​A smartphone (for clues & googles).

  • ​Comfortable walking/running shoes.

  • ​A water bottle to stay hydrated.

​🔥 Get set to explore Taipei like never before, with a twist of Ethereum! Can't wait to see the champs!

​📣 For the latest scoops, join our chat:

​🌟 Join us for an epic Ethereum adventure – Knowledge is your ticket to victory and cool rewards!

🚀 ETH Taipei 尋寶遊戲 🚀

​Road to Devcon 系列活動,由以太坊基金會和 Nouns Running Club 贊助

​📅 日期:3月24日,16:00 - 17:30

​📍 地點:在 POPOP 集合,跑遍台北最酷的地點!

​👀 活動概覽:


​這會是一場與 Nouns Running Club 一同跑步的活動,參賽者將挑戰各個檢查點的獨特以太坊主題測驗,看看你是否能率先到達終點!

​🔑 遊戲方式:

  1. ​起點:在 POPOP 集合,領取你的第一個線索。

  2. ​檢查點挑戰:前往台北的各個檢查點,解決與以太坊相關的謎題以獲得下一個線索。

  3. ​勝利秘訣:解謎的速度和準確性,加上你對以太坊的知識,將可以為你創造優勢!別忘了這也是一場跑步比賽 🏃🏻‍♀️💨!

  4. ​終點線:前 10 名到達者將獲得獎品 🎁

​💸 獎品:如果你是前 10 名衝過終點線的人,就能獲得 420 新台幣!


​🙌 誰應該參加:對所有人開放!無論是加密貨幣大佬還是新手,都來享受這場創新的活動吧!


​🎒 記得帶上:

  • ​一部智慧型手機(用於獲取線索和Google)。

  • ​舒適的跑鞋。

  • ​水瓶,以保持水分。


​🔥 準備好以前所未有的方式探索台北,帶上你對於以太坊的知識!我們迫不及待想要看到冠軍們!

​📣 想獲得最新消息,加入我們的 telegram:

​🌟 加入我們,開啟一場史詩般的以太坊冒險 —— 知識是你通往勝利和獎勵 (單押x1)的門票!

POPOP Taipei
No. 13號, Section 2, Nangang Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 115
45 Going