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Notion Warsaw Meetup + Balanced Launch!

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About Event

Join us for a little celebration of our past four years of community efforts and an official launch of the Notion Polska community and Balanced Systems - the first and only Notion consulting agency in CEE.

Spots limited. Drinks and light snacks provided.

Please be sure to take a document with a picture with you (the mObywatel app is fine too), as Google requires every guest to be checked-in individually.


Settling in + icebreakers (17:00-17:15)

Block #1 - Notion Polska (17:15-17:50)

  1. Alex Antoszek - Introduction to Notion + official opening (10 minutes)

  2. Jakub Skupień + Artur Tomala - Introduction to Notion Polska & run-through of future activities (20 minutes)

Break - 15 minutes

Block #2 - Balanced & Friends (18:05-19:00)

  1. Chris Rodriguez - My Love/Hate Relationship with Notion (10 minutes)

  2. Michal_Creates - Notion API: unlocking Notion superpowers (15 minutes)

  3. Alex Antoszek - How to get Balanced in life and business? (20 minutes)