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​Hello There

​Notion NY is a professional community dedicated to all-things Notion, tools for thought, and productivity across the five boroughs.

​This is Tem, by the way β€” the community admin here πŸ‘‹

​With incredible support from Notion HQ, I launched this chapter in August 2019. Boy, we were so excited to come together and nerd out about tables and dashboards. And over the course of five epic events, come together we did! But little did we know that in a few short months, the world would turn upside down.

​I don't need to tell you that lockdowns executed our in-person events like the Jedi on Order 66 😒 But I do need to tell you that we're back and here's what we have in store for you!

​Firstly β€” moving forward our community will be aligned around five values:

  1. ​Warmth and friendliness β†’ We'll treat everyone like friends.

  2. ​Helpfulness β†’ We'll always look for the chance to add value.

  3. ​Clear communication β†’ We'll share info as simply and quickly as possible.

  4. ​Illustrative communication β†’ We'll help you learn visually.

  5. ​Tastefulness β†’ We'll create unique, yet pleasant and fun events.

​Secondly (and lastly) β€” consistency, consistency, consistency! This is the way.

​To rebuild the Notion NY community, I'll do our very, very best to host at least one event every month, so unless we've already met, I sure hope to see you at an event 🀝

​Here’s to making software toolmaking ubiquitous,
Tem Nugmanov

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