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Nocode & Opensource Webinar by

Hosted by Astrid Noizat & Hugo Cornu
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Many organizations have questions about the use of Nocode solutions in relation to their data strategy or compliance issues.

This webinar is an opportunity to discover how Nocode Open-source solutions can benefit from the power of Nocode and the flexibility of Open-source.

We will welcome representatives of 3 solutions to discuss this topic:

  • n8n, a workflow automation solution that pioneered open-source in Nocode

  • AppSmith, an American solution that has already raised $50M, represented by its co-founder and CTO Arpit Mohan,

  • Baserow, a European open-source Nocode database solution.

During this virtual round table, the topics will be

  • The advantages of Open-source: portability, compliance and data security

  • The limits and drawbacks of Open-source solutions

  • Nocode Open-source solutions, adapted to non-technical teams?

  • Concrete examples of uses of Nocode Open-source solutions in companies

The replay is available :