Cover Image for Listen4Good's Equitable Access Fund Informational Session - November 16, 2023
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Listen4Good's Equitable Access Fund Informational Session - November 16, 2023

Hosted by Sachi Takahashi-Rial & Heidi Elneil
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Join this one-hour informational session to learn more about the Listen4Good program and how your organization can apply to participate with support from the New England Equitable Access Fund. 

Listen4Good's New England Equitable Access Fund

Listen4Good’s New England Equitable Access Fund is now accepting applications to participate in our upcoming training program and regional Learning Community starting in January 2024. Local funders are partnering with Listen4Good to support nonprofits across New England to gather and analyze client feedback data for fundraising, strategic decision-making, and advancing equity goals. 

The goals of the Equitable Access Fund are:

  1. To provide equitable access to Listen4Good's capacity building program across New England

  2. Provide opportunities for participating nonprofit leaders to learn from one another and collaborate

  3. Explore how feedback from community can inform regional nonprofits and funders

Who’s eligible: The Equitable Access Fund is particularly seeking to enable organizations that serve people of color and other historically marginalized populations to access Listen4Good’s supports. We especially invite applications from organizations whose leadership reflects their client audience. 

About Listen4Good's program:

Listen4Good offers an 18-month capacity building program for nonprofits, with the goal of developing equitable measurement systems that center constituent perspectives and needs. Organizations accepted to participate with support from the Equitable Access Fund will receive access to Listen4Good Premium resources at no cost. Here’s what that includes:

  • Survey templates for surveying clients, volunteers, staff, and partners

  • 1:1 coaching from experts in survey design, increasing response rates, and data analysis

  • SurveyMonkey Premier account

  • Client survey benchmarks– compare your survey results to similar organizations

  • A New England Learning Community of nonprofit leaders that will convene two times over the course of the next two years

Gratitude to local funder partners

The Equitable Access Fund is supported by the Barr Foundation and other local funders that are passionate about strengthening social sector organizations, and providing access to services for nonprofits that have been historically underinvested in.

Note: Joining the program will not affect any current or future funding opportunities from any participating foundations, and does not include any reporting requirements.