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EO Cross-Chapter Snow Adventure Retreat

Hosted by Philippe Marchal & 5 others
Past Event
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Join us for an unparalleled experience that combines the thrill of skiing in the Swiss Alps with cutting-edge business insights from world-renowned expert, Alex Osterwalder. This retreat isn't just a break from your routine; it's a transformative journey aimed at equipping you with the tools to build and lead resilient organizations. About the event Engage in an immersive half-day workshop with Alex Osterwalder to uncover the secrets of building invincible companies.

#SHARE: Elevate small talk to meaningful conversation with our specially designed icebreaker discussion cards, perfect for each ski lift ride.

#LEARN: Don't miss the enlightening workshop by Alex Osterwalder, who will delve into the innovation strategies of invincible companies.

#PLAY: Tear down the incredible ski slopes of the Swiss Alps and experience winter sports at its best.

🗓 Wednesday, 17th

  • Morning: ✈️ Arrival. PIck up at 12h00 at Geneva Airport

  • Afternoon: 🏞 Outdoor Group Activity & Ski rental

  • Evening: 🗨 Forum

🗓 Thursday, 18th

  • Morning: 🎿 Ski

  • Afternoon: 📚 Learning Session with Alex Osterwalder

🗓 Friday, 19th

  • Morning: 🏞 Outdoor Group Activity

  • Afternoon: 🎿 Ski

  • Evening: 🎉 Party

🗓 Saturday, 20th

  • Morning: 🎁 Surprise

  • Afternoon: ✈️ Departure. Drop off at 14h00 at Geneva Airport