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What is Community Management and Is it for You?

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Community Management is an area that has really gained traction in tech over the past couple of years. As many bad things have come out of the pandemic, one silver lining is that companies are recognizing that the only way to be truly successful is to lead with a community-first mentality. As a role that requires a generalist attitude and combines the experience of a slew of industries, it’s likely something you’re considering pivoting into. If you're interested in learning more about Community Management and exploring what it truly means to work in this space, this is the session for you!

For this event, we will be featuring folks who have pivoted from different backgrounds into Community Management to learn about the ways that different industries' skill sets have translated to this role. We’ll be joined by Cait Levin, Community Educator at Commsor,  Lisa Barroca (Bah-roe-kah), Community Manager at Cultivate, and Sara, Community Operations Consultant.

You will walk away from this event with:

  • An understanding of what Community Manager really means

  • Strategies for pivoting into the space 

  • Tips for preparing yourself for success in this role


Cait completed her BA at Barnard College and her MA at Middlebury. She has held a variety of roles at schools, including overseeing writing centers, advising, collaborating with faculty on instructional design and technology, and classroom teaching. When not teaching, she has served as a project manager and community manager for She Writes Press and, an online community by women, for women. Since leaving classroom teaching she has served as Head of Learning at Fiveable and Community Educator at Commsor. Her passions are learning, community, and helping EdTech companies discover strategies for best practices when collaborating with teachers. You can find her on Twitter @caitlevin.

Lisa is the current Community Manager at Cultivate, an education and consulting company focused on making big companies more empowering places to work. She joined Cultivate last year to scale the Cultivator Community, a space that empowers and connects change agents within large organizations to challenge the corporate status quo. Prior to this role, she was the first Community hire at the addiction recovery start-up, Tempest, overseeing a product transition and 300% growth in one year. She's passionate about building collaborative communities that shape new futures.

Sara is a Community Operations Consultant, Circle Community Expert, and Podcast host of Talks with SaraNoSocks.  She specializes in community operations and strategy, podcasting, no code education.  After 17 years in corporate healthcare, she quit in December 2019 with no plan other than to seek out success pursuing her creative side.  Two years later she is using her past corporate experience to help her thrive in all thing’s community.