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Product-Led Revenue through a Downturn: Lessons from 35.7k companies

Hosted by Toplyne, Rahul from Toplyne ツ & Sarah Wilson
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About Event

There's a reason 65-70% (and rising) of the Forbes Cloud 100 are PLG companies.

Toplyne & Paddle present: Growing revenue through an economic downturn, with lessons gleaned from analyzing 35,700 product-led businesses.

Why is this relevant today? 🤔

It's been a rough year for SaaS. Publicly traded cloud companies shed billions in value. The total number of venture deals and their dollar-measured value are set to fall around 50% compared to year-ago totals.

But in an industry facing its highest churn ever and sluggish acquisition, product-led businesses are a beacon of hope.

"75% of SaaS providers will apply product-led growth techniques to drive existing customer growth and expansion."

That's Gartner.

What we'll cover ↩️

  • The primary inflection points of your product-led revenue growth - and how to engineer them TODAY.

  • Two primary pillars PLG companies prioritize for revenue growth during downturns.

  • At the top of the funnel - The ops of driving a self-serve motion at an international scale.

  • Further down the funnel - How to drive product-led expansion at scale.

And your questions...

Andrew and Ruchin will take your questions throughout the event AND in the dedicated 15-minute AMA at the end. Keep 'em ready.

Meet the guests

Ruchin Kulkarni is the Co-founder of Toplyne, a behavioral lead-scoring platform used by Canva and Vercel to find enterprise opportunities from their self-serve funnels.

Andrew Davies is the CMO of Paddle, the all-in-one billing, subscription & tax compliance platform - saving time, money, and precious dev resources for SaaS businesses.

Meet your hosts

Toplyne lets subscription businesses upsell. Paddle is the only infra you need to manage them.