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Developing Community Programs that Improve Customer Retention with Nisha Baxi, Director of Community @ Gong



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Nisha Baxi is the Director of Community at Gong, a multi-billion-dollar software company that helps over 2,000 large companies to better understand their customers, improve their data-driven decision-making and increase their revenue.

Previously, Nisha built programs and frameworks at Microsoft, Salesforce, and Facebook that are still used today continuing to drive adoption and foster loyalty, not to mention growing a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurship organization to 15K members. Her passion comes from the joy of bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

Nisha believes that the power of an active community can help any organisation increase retention, crush its pipeline and build lasting relationships with its partners.

Join us on February 9th to learn more about how to develop community programs that improve customer retention, including:

  • How to understand what types of programs will drive adoption and retention

  • How to get from idea > test > launch for each new program

  • How to manage a structured set of complementary community programs

You will have the chance to ask your questions directly to Nisha. ​

As part of the event, we will also match you with other vetted community-builders who are trying to solve similar challenges to you.


Event format:

First 45 minutes - Interview with Nisha incl. audience questions

Second 30 minutes - Audience split into peer groups of ~6 people, pre-matched based on community stage.


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