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Oppenheimer Theater Buy-Out

Hosted by Jason Benn, Emily Liu & Kay Sorin
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About Event

Christopher Nolan made a movie about the Manhattan Project. The cast is stacked, it'll be scientifically accurate, and the trailer looks amazing.

We'll have the whole theater. Michael Nielsen, a physicist who formerly lived and worked at Los Alamos and who wrote the AI book that was most useful to Greg Brockman before he cofounded OpenAI, will also speak briefly about connections between the Manhattan Project and this current moment in AI. Come through!

Run of show:

  • 5:00pm: arrive, hang out at MacGuffin's, the bar inside AMC Kabuki

  • 5:30pm: Theater #6 opens, find your seats

  • 5:45pm: Michael speaks! (We'll close the doors to limit distractions, but Kay will let groups in periodically/quietly)

  • 6:00pm: Oppenheimer starts

  • 9:00pm: debrief and decompress at MacGuffin’s.