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How To Revive Our Cities?

Hosted by Dror Poleg
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Many downtowns are struggling to bring people back. Empty offices have a knock-on effect on urban retail, services, and public transport. The result is a shortfall in municipal taxes, deteriorating infrastructure, and reduced funding for essential services.

But there’s a bright side. Cities have an opportunity to adapt and become better — for people, for business, and for the planet.

Tracy Hadden Loh is a Fellow at the Brookings Institution where she researches the interaction between urban policy, real estate development, and local communities. She is a data scientist, with a Ph.D. in city and regional planning, and a former local government representative.

Join Tracy and me for a conversation about the policies and initiatives that can make cities more vibrant, safe, and equitable — drawing on practical examples from across the US and the world.