The ABCs of NFTs: A Marketer's Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens



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In partnership with our friends at HeyLayer, we're excited to provide a 101 on NFTs, specifically geared towards marketers. We'll cover the basics of NFTs, blockchain and Web 3.0 before diving into the different ways marketers can take full advantage. Join us for creative ideas & execution tips on how to leverage Web 3.0 and NFTs for your marketing strategy. Plus, register for your chance to book a complimentary strategy session with HeyLayer CEO & Co-Founder Alla Koretsky.

About Alla Koretsky, CEO & Co-Founder of HeyLayer

Alla Koretsky is the co-founder and CEO for HeyLayer - One stop NFT management solution to help brands transition into web3.

Before founding HeyLayer, Alla spent over 15 years working as a buyer in luxury fashion, E-commerce, and subscription business startups, bridging gaps between branding, marketing, and product development. Her love for technology led her to discover blockchain in 2019 when she was blown away by how this can solve the issues with supply chain transparency.

Her mission is to make this technology available to the masses and to make sure women continue to grow in representation in this new user-owned internet.

About HeyLayer

HeyLayer is a one-stop platform for managing NFT campaigns at scale, focused on making it super simple for brands to transition to Web3. HeyLayer’s no-code solution includes free and easy minting (no gas fees!), customized NFT storefronts, Credit Card checkout, and minting APIs for complete white-label integration.

HeyLayer is a women-led company with a diverse international team committed to creating a more sustainable future and leveraging Web 3.0 to do good in the real-world.

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