How to build an engaged audience: Finding joy in the chaos of Twitter [Indie MBA]



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Twitter can feel chaotic.

Especially early on, when you're just starting out. Building an audience can get overwhelming.

It starts to feel like too much "work" and not much fun.

That is the stage when most people give up on the platform.

But this is where Kevon's teachings can help you.

His ideas around building in public, making friends and finding joy in chaos are invaluable. They will help you build an engaged audience on Twitter in a sustainable manner.

And in a way that new opportunities find YOU, instead of you having to go out searching for them.

Kevon Cheung is the founder of Public Lab, creator of Making Twitter Friends, writer of the definitive guide to building in public.

And also the author of the book Finding Joy in Chaos.

Join us in an hour long session where Kevon shares his wisdom around audience building on Twitter, without burning out, without getting overwhelmed and while having a lot of fun along the way.

See you there.

Ayush 🙏

PS: This is a private event with limited seats, so make sure to book fast.


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