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The Next Generation of Loyalty Programs - 2023 Edition 🚀

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Transactions are but the tip of a loyalty iceberg. This webinar will show you how to get the most out of your reward program. We’re more likely to focus on creating more seamless and integrated experiences across multiple channels, such as online and offline, to better serve the needs of customers who are increasingly connected and mobile. 

This may involve the use of technologies such as mobile apps and beacon technology to enable real-time engagement with customers and offer personalized rewards and experiences based on their location and preferences.

Outline of the webinar:

  • Traditional loyalty program VS New generation loyalty program

  • The iceberg for loyalty programs and redefining the customer experience

  • What should you do if your existing program isn't producing the desired results?

  • How can you offer personalized rewards and experiences based on location and preferences?

  • How to detect and prevent loyalty fraud using an exclusive dual wallet feature?

  • Success Stories of Leading Brands

  • Is it going to be helpful for businesses like yours?

  • Consultation tailored to your specific needs

Featured Speakers:

  • Ajay Pareek: A 30-year track record of success in sales and marketing operations with major MNCs across a range of industries, and he has an unmatched depth of expertise in the loyalty industry. He can evaluate your current loyalty program to identify any weaknesses in your strategy

  • Khushal Fadiya: Subject-matter expert in the domain of digital loyalty for manufacturing brands and have a deep knowledge of the (SaaS domain + Multi-Channel Engagement)

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