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Not sure about you, but 2022 seems as good as ever to focus on building out the story of your company and/or establishing yourself as a thought leader. Starting a newsletter can be a game changer in terms of clarity of ideas and access to new opportunities.

So we're kicking off a 1 month challenge to help everyone kickstart their newsletter. This challenge will go through everything from setting up the basics (format, points of differentiation, timing, tools, etc), to creating a sustainable writing habit, getting feedback, and creating pre-launch hype. 

We'll be applying behavior design principles to help us make writing into a sustainable part of our lives and will be running this alongside a new tool (creatorhabits.club). We'll meet every Monday, but to participate, you'll need to attend the kickoff on January 31st @12pm PST. 

This event is a collaboration between Founderkind & Creator Habits.
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