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Nebular Summit – The Interchain Builders Conference

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👨‍🎓 Students: please get in touch with the team for student tickets

Join hundreds of Cosmonauts in Paris for two days of technical talks, developer workshops and chill vibes.

This year’s Nebular Summit themes will explore:

  • The emerging modular blockchain stack

  • The Cosmos SDK

  • CosmWasm

  • IBC

  • Cross-chain MEV

  • Interchain Security

  • zero-knowledge

  • and much more!

No boring panels or shilling - expect technical talks and intense debates on issues crucial to Cosmos' longterm success.

Expect talks from:

Nebular Summit is a confluence for teams and innovators from every corner of the Interchain universe.

Expect participants to share the most recent advancements in the Cosmos technology stack while openly addressing the ecosystem’s challenges.

Check out Nebular.Builders for the full list of speakers and conference agenda, and make sure you've signed up for our kick off event - Nebular Hack Day

And make sure you join us after the Conference on Tuesday, July 25th for Networking & Drinks!