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Cover Image for Mentor-mentee meetup #5 - Navigating UX and Product job market
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UX and Product job seeker community in Germany
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Mentor-mentee meetup #5 - Navigating UX and Product job market

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Berlin, Berlin
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About Event is a job seeker community in Germany and we are hosting our mentor-mentee meetup at BARD College Pankow.

About our community:
in the current job market there are many highly capable people finding it hard to navigate the market and often feel that the journey is isolated. No matter if you are a junior, mid level, senior, new manager or even a leader. Imposter syndrome, self doubts and often lack of support are among many hurdles one faces.

Example questions you can ask:

  • What’s wrong in my CV / what can I improve?

  • How do I stand out from job applicants / find my strengths ?

  • How to finish the portfolio or what to improve?

  • I am looking for a job since long time or was affected by layoff and feel a burn out, what should I do?

Our Support:
We help people, who are in this situation, by connecting them with emphatic mentors, job coaches and professionals working currently or in the past worked for companies in Berlin and contributed to hiring process, by also connecting you with current hiring managers so you can get the opportunity to seek guidance and feedback based on the challenges that you are personally facing. We spoke with job seekers and found out that many are lacking transparent feedback on their profile, job applications, some may need guidance to understand their super power and so they can stand out from other 100s of applicants or some might feel there are too little job opportunities in the market that they are looking for, then what is the strategy to find or even create roles for you?

Event Agenda:
18:00 - Check Ins
18:15 - Introduction to, About our venue sponsor QUEST by Code University.
18:30 - Introduction of Mentors
19:00 - Icebreaker and getting to know the people in the room
19:30 - Opening the round to connect with mentors :)
21:30 - Wrap Up

This is the 5th meetup and we have invited the following mentors and hiring managers from our community to it:

Habib Rahal, Product Design Lead @ Aware

Daniele Ronca, Product Coach

Natalia Filvarova, UXR Team Lead @ Google

David Montenegro, UX Career Coach

Dafni Barbageorgopoulou, Burnout and transformational coach

Mathieu Ritter, Founder Senior Recruiter in Design, Product, Engineering & Marketing

Please note that one must Request a ticket and it will be approved usually in couple of hours. Then you will get an email along with the Venue details and a WhatsApp link to our community in case you wish to join that. For faster tickets approval or incase of any questions please contact Yashvir on LinkedIn

Photos at the event:
There will be pictures taken at the event. If you have any concerns or don't wish to be photographed then please Yashvir know.

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Berlin, Berlin
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Presented by
UX and Product job seeker community in Germany
41 Going