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Policy Proposal Presentation

Developing and presenting policy and guidelines change proposals is an important aspect of the organizational performance improvement process. These policies and guidelines help a team, unit, or the  ace my homework organization as a whole resolve relevant performance issues. Implementing these recommendations requires the involvement of two groups: hospital management and healthcare practitioners, such as doctors and nurses. For example, the policy on diabetic screening will require both managers and nurses to communicate effectively and ensure compliance with communication regulations in hospital settings.

A health care facility must ensure that there are enough nurses to provide quality patient care. The facility must also have enough rooms to accommodate patients and visitors. A hospital should improve its patient-to-nurse ratio to reduce the risk of medication errors and other mishaps that affect patient safety. It should also encourage employees to use visual dashboards and electronic health records to minimize the likelihood of human error (Ehrler & Siebert, 2020).

In this assessment, you will advocate for institutional policy and practice guidelines changes to address a benchmark underperformance that you identified in Assessment 1. Your goal is to create a well-written proposal that provides clear evidence and rationale for your recommendations. Be sure to cite 3-5 credible sources using current APA style. The task builds on the NHS FPX 6004 Policy Proposal Presentation dashboard benchmark evaluation you completed in Assessment 1. Review the Scoring Guide Worksheet to understand how this assessment will be graded.

A health care organization needs a policy system to deal with day-to-day matters. Policies will help staff members to understand the crucial issues and operations and will also enable them to achieve results. A policy can also prevent staff members from becoming disengaged and unmotivated to perform their jobs well.

One of the ways to prevent medication errors is by using automated dispensing cabinets that store, dispense, and electronically track medications. These cabinets can reduce the time nurses spend locating and retrieving medications and can provide a more accurate inventory of drugs in the hospital (Weant at al, 2014). Another way to prevent medication errors is by encouraging nursing staff to report any mistakes made in data entry or interpretation of patient health records. This will ensure that any inaccuracies are quickly identified and addressed. Moreover, this will encourage Intervention Plan Design nurses to be more proactive in reporting problems and will help them become skilled in EHR use (Ehrler & Siebert, 2020). The health care organization should arrange training sessions for nursing staff to help them get comfortable with using the EHR and becoming proficient in their data entry skills.

Patient falls in medical centers are common, and can cause severe injuries and prolonged hospitalization. These incidents also put the hospitals at risk of legal liability. To address the issue, Mercy Medical Center should implement fall prevention strategies to protect their patients. According to research, a balanced patient-to-nurse ratio is linked with positive healthcare outcomes, including low fall rates. To ensure that the hospital has enough staff members to care for its patients, Mercy should consider implementing a new policy that requires each shift to have a specific number of nurses on duty.

Identify colleagues, individual stakeholders, or stakeholder groups to engage in further development and implementation of your proposed policy, guidelines, and recommended strategies. Why is it important to engage these individuals and groups? How will their participation lead to a stronger organizational policy and facilitate its BUS FPX 3040 Assessment 2 smooth implementation? Developing policy for internal purposes can be an important process toward quality and safety improvement. As such, health care leaders need to be able to develop and present clear and well-written policy and practice guidelines change proposals for consideration by the organization. The EHR must be capable of transmitting and receiving data from health information exchanges certified by the ONC, and must provide for secure patient-to-provider communications. The bill also prohibits the disclosure by researchers of identifiable, sensitive research information unless the researcher is authorized to do so.


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