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Design your own Manifesto | Werkshop with Michelle Newell

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About the Werkshop

Fellow Werkling, Michelle Newell, will take you through a creative session encouraging thought leaders to design a manifesto story for professional life or business/consulting work. It could ultimately replace an 'About Us' piece on your website, or inspire your LinkedIn profile. The manifesto is a rallying call to action.

Forget about promoting world peace: this story is spicy! Discover how to use this daring story format to claim your voice and brand position, and attract like-minded thinkers and businesses.

​About the host

​Michelle describes herself as a Story Activator: someone who helps thought leaders, teams and brands turn their experience and ideas into daring stories that shake up the status quo.

Michelle started her professional life as a high school English teacher, before designing human-centred schools, curating writers events and festivals, drafting a novel (that shall remain unpublished) and marketing schools.

Today through her consultancy The Storytelling Business, she helps purposeful people and organisations get better at raising their voices for the things that matter, to spark action that ripples into the world.

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