Cover Image for DAO Symposium 2023
Cover Image for DAO Symposium 2023
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DAO Symposium 2023

Hosted by DAO Suisse
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Connect, Learn, and Explore at the Forefront of DAOs

About this event

DAO Suisse is excited to announce the DAO Symposium 2023. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a novel form of blockchain-based organizations with no CEO, but rules encoded in smart contracts. As DAOs evolve from their Ethereum roots to complex entities challenging conventional governance, the symposium serves as a platform to discuss the latest developments in in the DAO space.

Join us in Zug to discuss the latest developments and emerging industry trends with exclusive speeches, discussions from experts in the field of DAOs. Don't miss the chance to stay ahead of the curve and explore the role of DAOs.

​This event is organized by DAO Suisse in collaboration with CV Labs, ZHAW, and the UZH Blockchain Center.

Why attend?

  • Connect with experts in the DAO space, including industry leaders and researchers.

  • Learn from discussions featuring speakers from leading organizations.

  • Explore the latest in DAO operations, legislation, and community building.

Tickets and registration

  • Regular tickets: CHF 60

  • DAO Suisse members: CHF 20 (Discount code)

  • Students: CHF 20 (please send an email with your student ID to

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Refund Policy: No refund of the ticket price is possible.



DAO Suisse

Isla Munro-Hochmayr
Council Member at DAO Suisse | Founder at FTW DAO

Hongyang Wang
Council Member at DAO Suisse | PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich


Andy Pavia
Co-Founder of Palmera


Ugo Pecoraio
Head of Communications at HEK (House of Electronic Arts) Basel


Jan Albers
Head of Partnerships at Safe

Panel Discussion – Legal Structures of DAOs

Romedi Ganzoni (Moderator)
Senior Associate at MME Legal AG, Lecturer, Blockchain and Fintech Enthusiast at MME Legal

Izabela Kuprasz
Senior Legal Counsel at Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation

Rik Krieger
Co-founder of HOPR, responsible for all operational & commercial matters at HOPR

Ronald Kogens
Council Member of the Aragon Shield Foundation and former Guardian of the Aragon DAO


​DAO Suisse is Switzerland's leading community and resource for DAOs in Switzerland. We provide a dynamic platform by facilitating knowledge transfer, education, and collaboration between industry and academia, representing the interests of the DAO ecosystem in Switzerland, bringing people from all backgrounds together, providing a networking platform, and advocating for clear regulations to protect DAO founders and members.

CV Labs helps global start-ups, corporates, and investors to leverage blockchain technology to transform industries, create better services, and evolve new marketplaces. In short, CV Labs supports those driving blockchain technology to build better ways for humanity to live, work, interact, and transact. CV Labs achieves this through collaboration which is why they combine co-working spaces, an accelerator for early-stage startups, a variety of events and summits, and advisory and consulting activities to create a unique global blockchain ecosystem.

The ZHAW Institute for Organizational Viability has led several projects on changing traditional, hierarchical-structured companies into innovative self-organized and decentralized organizations. A special focus is on applications of blockchain technology and decentralized autonomous organizations as well as the design of governance and decision-making structures. It is very active in this field through events, research and teaching of students.

The UZH Blockchain Center is Switzerland’s largest academic initiative in the field of blockchain technology comprising 24 professors from three faculties and eight departments with an active world-wide network of cooperations. The center brings together Informatics, Business, Economics, Finance, Regulation, Law, Mathematics and Complexity Science with several Faculty, Senior Researchers, PhD and undergraduate students to work on challenges in the blockchain field. It is also nurtured by a wide range of collaborations and visitors that make for a vivid and international environment.

CV Labs Zug
Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
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