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Cocktails with Conflux, DWF Labs, Mask and RSS3

Hosted by Maggie Chan & Lingling Jiang
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Conflux、DWF Labs、Mask 和 RSS3 团队邀请您一起度過难忘的鸡尾酒之夜!我们很高兴能夠在HK Web3 Festival 2023 期间和大家相聚。期待在2023年4月14日下午6点至晚上10点与您一起度过一个愉快的夜晚。



Join the Conflux, DWF Labs, Mask, and RSS3 teams in Hong Kong for an evening of cocktails and canapés. We are excited to be able to connect with our friends from Hong Kong during this HK Web3 Festival 2023 period. We look forward to a night of networking and fun as we host you on 14 April 2023, from 6pm to 10pm.

Register soon as space is limited. We hope you’re able to join us!

This is a by invite-only event. Do note that this does not guarantee your admission. A separate confirmation will be sent to your email upon successful application.


Conflux: | Conflux 是一个无需许可的第 1 层区块链,该网络最近迁移到混合 PoW/PoS 共识,提供了一个快速、安全和可扩展的区块链环境。作为中国唯一合规的公共区块链,Conflux 为项目在亚洲的建设和扩展提供了独特的优势。 在该地区,Conflux 与全球品牌和政府实体就区块链和元宇宙计划展开合作,包括上海市、麦当劳中国和奥利奥。

DWF Labs: | DWF Labs 是全球领先的多阶段 Web3 投资公司及数字资产做市商,从代币上市 - 做市 - OTC交易提供全方位支持。团队正在不断扩张,在新加坡、瑞士、阿联酋、中国香港、韩国均设有办事处。

Mask Network: | Mask Network 旨在建立一个从 Web 2.0 到 Web 3.0 的桥梁。通过将优秀的去中心化应用生态系统带入传统社交网络,Mask 产品为用户所熟悉的 Web 2.0 功能提供了去中心化的选择。用户可以在不离开主流社交网络的情况下,享受安全、去中心化的社交、无国界支付网络、去中心化文件存储与分享等功能,并轻松领略 Web 3.0 世界的魅力。

RSS3: | RSS3 是 Open Web 的信息分发协议,旨在实现开放网络上信息流动的自由、高效和安全。RSS3 API 让开发者免费高效地接入 Open Web 上的信息,包括链上与链下去中心化网络的高可读性信息流。 是第一款 Open Web 搜索引擎,支持海量 Open Web 信息的高效搜索。

About the organisers

Conflux: | Conflux is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain connecting decentralized economies across borders and protocols.

Recently migrated to hybrid PoW/PoS consensus, Conflux provides a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain environment with zero congestion, low fees, and improved network security.

DWF Labs: | DWF Labs is a global multi-stage web3 investment firm and leading digital asset market maker , providing support from token listing to market making to OTC trading solutions. The firm is present in Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, Hong Kong, Korea and expanding.

Mask Network: | Mask Network aims to bridge the Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0. By bringing the amazing decentralized application ecosystem onto traditional social networks, the Mask extension provides a decentralized option for features that Web 2.0 users are familiar with. Users could enjoy secure, decentralized social messaging, payment networks, file storage, and file sharing without leaving the mainstream social media networks.

RSS3: | RSS3 is a next-generation feed standard that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution, powering Hoot, a web3-specific search engine that allows users to search information such as on-chain activities, feeds or NFTs.