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Nature tech in action @ London Climate Action Week

Hosted by Nature Tech Collective & Nature4Climate
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London, England
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How scaling & funding nature tech can support global climate, nature and sustainability goals

Nature tech can address the interrelated challenges of climate change, nature loss by supporting global climate, nature and sustainability goals including activating local economies. 

This dynamic and interactive in-person experience will showcase the latest developments from this growing and impactful sector. Hosted by Nature4Climate and MRV Collective, it will bring together the nature tech community in the UK a nature-inspired networking experience 

Attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with other passionate individuals in the nature tech, corporate and finance sectors.

Don't miss this chance to be part of the solution and join us for the nature tech showcase followed by networking during London Climate Action Week

Speakers from the following companies,
Cultivo, Axa, Cecil, Chloris Geospacial, Earthly, Land Life, Nature Metrics, Pachama, Space Intelligence, Sylvera, Terraformation, Zulu Forest Sciences


4:30 PM
- Lucy Almond, Chair of Nature4Climate
- Raviv Turner, Founding Member of MRV Collective

4:35 PM
A showcase of the latest trends and technology in nature tech

5:30 PM
Summary and analysis

5:40 PM
Discussion and Q&A

6:00 PM
Reception, Networking, and Refreshments

About Nature4Climate

Nature4Climate (N4C) works to catalyse partnerships between governments, civil society, businesses and investors based on the urgency to protect, restore and fund nature-based solutions to climate change. Founded in 2017, with 20 member organisations today, we champion the deployment of nature-based solutions by raising awareness, campaigning for increased investment, and by creating a broad coalition of partners. Our work has helped nature-based solutions go mainstream, leading to action from governments, companies, civil society groups and local communities – and a doubling of public expenditure into this critical area.

About MRV Collective

MRV Collective is a not-for-profit, design and build, MRV solutions organization. We are a coalition of MRV (Measurement, Reporting & Verification) companies and organizations working to make MRV more affordable, reliable and scalable in order to accelerate investment in nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change, ecosystem collapse and biodiversity loss.