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Nature Based Learning! How Nature can Impact Academics With Pilar Fortuny

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The ancient philosophers began their ponderings by observing the natural world, and thinking deeply about what they saw. They were able to learn, through observation and distinction, how the world works. And they also recognized that we are part of nature, and saw that we could learn a lot about the human experience by observing nature and how we interact with it.

The more time we spend in and with nature, the more we feel connect to it, and the more we remember that we are part of it. Something we seem to have forgotten as a society, but something that is crucial to remember.

Learning isn’t meant to take place behind closed doors and concrete walls. The world around us provides us with such rich fertile ground for learning. Why learn about the seasons from a book when you can observe changes in the tree in your garden?

And learning in nature isn’t limited to science. All of life happens in nature, so all human experience happens there too. Art, geography, history, writing, physical exercise and more can be covered beautifully in nature. 

And as well as providing plenty of stimulus for learning, being in nature actually aids learning. Research shows that learning and thinking that happens in nature is far more effective, meaningful learning. There is a good reason Steve Jobs liked to run so much of his business outside while walking in nature!

Pilar Fortuny studied innovative education techniques, in the Montserrat School of Barcelona, complementing her studies with the Montessori and the Waldorf methodology and visiting hundred of schools and initiatives.

This learning inspired her to develop her own methodology focused on developing a leading attitude based on finding their own potentials and the establishment of healthy relationships, multiple intelligences, project management and cooperative learning.

This methodology has been developed with more than 7,000 students to help them develop emotional skills in the current environment of strong changes and in which creativity, cooperation and respect for people and the environment are marking the new rules of the game.

We are delighted that she will be bringing the understanding this work has given her to inspirEd. Come and join us to learn more about the magic that happens where nature and learning meet!

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