Hiring Strategies for Founders & Startups: Lunchtime Roundtable



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Connect with other Founders & Startup Leaders over lunchtime on Friday to share hiring struggles and talk about building strategies for dream teams who stay and help us scale.

Why Friday? Because it's been a long week and it's been a tough hiring market! Only 65% of people plan to stay with their employer in 2022, down 5% from 2021.

What's the vibe? Startup leaders and Founders connecting for a casual but strategy-filled Zoom chat to share what's not working & talk about smarter hiring(without a bigger budget or more hours in the day).

Who facilitates? It's very social and led by Malinda Coler who has been Hiring in tech for over 11 years, plus recently built the fastest growing community of job-seeking tech talent. She brings insights from the community about what they're saying yes to!

What topics/struggles/strategies have been covered at previous roundtables?

  • Salary Limitations - aside from salary, what levers are we pulling to attract the candidates we want?

  • Sourcing Time - what to do when too much time sourcing means the top candidates are accepting other offers before we get to pitch ours.

  • Job Board Overwhelm - Job boards providing too many irrelevant candidates

  • Candidate Traits - how much or how little of the skill background to align around before considering a candidate

Every session is fresh, so bring your struggles and let's talk about solutions!

Last note: According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of turnover can be attributed to bad hiring decisions. Don't let this be on you! Let's talk about what we can do on the front end to hire the startup teams we need to scale!

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