Cover Image for Big-Vision [Re]Branding for Big Visibility
Cover Image for Big-Vision [Re]Branding for Big Visibility
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Big-Vision [Re]Branding for Big Visibility

Hosted by Ashlee Sang & Calvina Nguyen
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✨ Refocus your brand essentials to get intentional attention. ✨

If you’ve got a rebrand on the brain this quarter or this year, let’s imagine and implement a brand you love with brand essentials that prime you for big growth. 

In this actionable session, you’ll learn:

  • why establishing your brand values is so important

  • how your messaging can be more consistent as you build trust in yourself and your audience

  • how to keep your audience at the center of every decision

  • ways to visualize your vibe and identify the emotions you want to convey so your people immediately feel like they are in the right place

  • what are the aesthetics and style of your dream audience so you can create something they’ll love

  • the kinds of content & designs you need to focus on FIRST when building your new brand identity

  • how to make your brand immediately recognizable and create a connection

Reset, refocus, and rebrand to take all the momentum you’ve already created in your business to move forward to the next phase with intention and direction.

Let your brand personality, voice, vibe, values…all the things…shine through.

***This workshop will be recorded, but of course, we’d love to answer your questions and give you feedback live!***


This workshop is useful for founders, visionaries, and brand managers. If you:

  • Have traction and success after DIYing your branding or using budget fixes

  • Realize you need and want something more to convey who you are as a brand now and where you’re going next

  • Feel ready to go deep into your brand, rather than just skimming the surface or slapping something together

  • Are re-evaluating the success you’ve had and the potential ahead of you

  • Recognize that what you have isn’t necessarily what you want moving forward

  • Notice that your brand has evolved, based on how your values have shifted, feedback you’ve received from your audience and team, actual impact you’ve had, and new audiences you’d like to expand to

  • Want thought partners (like us, Ashlee and Calvina!) who show you ways to build a brand on your own terms, taking into account your vision, voice, and values


Hi, I'm Ashlee. Through Ashlee Sang Consulting and as host of the Purpose & Progress Podcast, I equip conscious and caring leaders to grow their impact and their revenue. By leveraging brand messaging strategy and marketing consulting, my goal is for you to take confident, meaningful action to connect with your audience, show up consistently, and share your brand with ease. I believe that business can feel AND do good when it's rooted in values and propelled by purpose. If you do too, you're in the right place.

Hi, I’m Calvina. I’ve spent nearly two decades in the creative field, helping small businesses build a solid visual brand foundation that empowers them to be confident and professional and grow a thriving business. Because I believe that one of the greatest ways to impact the world is when brands and businesses are intentional and purposeful in what they do. I am passionate about educating small business owners on how to communicate their brands effectively and beautifully to attract their ideal audience. 

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