🎙️How to Close 6- and 7-Figure Opportunities Faster for Your Agency



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How can you close 6- and 7-figure opportunities faster?

​On June 21st, 1 PM ET, agency growth expert Christian Banach will host a 1-hour, LIVE Q&A session to answer this question and many others. 

Christian grew his own agency to $10m in sales, held multiple executive biz dev roles in leading agencies across the world, and now helps thousands of agencies land 6- and 7-figure opportunities predictably.

​​If you attend, you’ll walk away with:

  • a unique take on the buyer's journey that will help focus your sales efforts

  • key strategies for closing inbound vs outbound leads

  • a proven pre-call planning framework to advance your calls to the next steps faster

  • the 'upfront contracts' technique to control the conversation during calls

  • proven nurturing strategies to keep prospects hot after meetings

​As usual, this event is limited to 100 attendees, first come, first serve. There will be a recording, but we’ll prioritize questions from the live audience.

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