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Club Alo: Handstands and Backbends - 90 Minute Master Class

Hosted by Alo Yoga, Rebecca & Sarah
Past Event
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Join Rebecca and Sarah for a 90-minute workshop all about handstands and backbends.

Sarah will begin the class with an exploration of handstands. She will lead you through different drills, modifications, and progressions which will help build your confidence, balance, and understanding of the mechanics of hand balancing.

You will then apply what you have learned to a yoga flow to give you more confidence in getting upside down in classes.

The second half, led by Rebecca, will start with sequences designed to build strength and mobility in the shoulders and upper back. We will then explore the biomechanics of scorpion and hollow back and how to approach them from standing, kneeling, and wheel pose before taking them upside down.

The session will end with creative sequencing and transitions to push and challenge all levels.