Cover Image for Refraction Lisbon Exhibition: Guided Tour
Cover Image for Refraction Lisbon Exhibition: Guided Tour
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Refraction Lisbon Exhibition: Guided Tour

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Refraction touches down in Lisbon for the first time, bringing a handful of friends along for the ride. In collaboration with Arroz Estúdios and ArtDAO, we’ve curated 10 days of digital art with the help of Ellie Pritts, Agoria, and Zora. Running from 8-18th November, artwork from 24 artists will be hosted at Arroz Estúdios in Lisbon’s Beato district— read more about the exhibitions and artists below.

Join us on 9th November for a guided tour of these exhibitions, accompanied by a live jam, from 19-23h.

Please note that while RSVP to this event is free, Arroz Estúdios is a cultural association. A 3€ membership is required to enter the venue and it's valid for the current year. Membership is available for purchase on the door.


'Electric Psychedelia' curated by Ellie Pritts

Electric Psychedelia is an acclaimed annual group exhibition exploring altered consciousness through visual synthesis, curated by Ellie Pritts. This year’s exhibition will take place from November 8 - 28 at Arroz Studios in Lisbon, Portugal and is presented by Refraction. It will be the third annual installation of Electric Psychedelia. 

Electric Psychedelia aims to challenge viewers' perception of reality through immersive visual experiences using artwork created by an internationally renowned roster of artists. Electric Psychedelia artists create art evoking altered states of consciousness, inspiring viewers to experience alternate realities and perspectives.

Featured Artists:
Ellie Pritts
Estelle Flores

'Sonic Imagery' curated by Malcolm Levy for

Can images be sonic?  Is there a direct correlation between the two?  The concept of images and sound not being in parallel, but instead something that are almost oppositional, or at best not in congruence, is one of the major misnomers with regard to the analysis of media over the past 200 years.  In fact sound and vision are directly aligned in both their construct and history. 

We can easily imagine an ultimate state of reverberation - a space where everything that has ever happened continues to exist - the end of time, where everything is live, perpetually present.  If we sense that the description of sympathetic vibration bears some resemblance to rail broadcast, it is no coincidence, the same principle is at work. The processes of contemporary media systems are latent in the laws of nature - they have existed in various forms since the beginning of history. 

All video has its roots in the live. The vibrational acoustic character of video as a virtual image is the essence of its 'liveness.'  Technologically, video has evolved out of sound (the electromagnetic) and its close association with cinema is misleading since film and its grandparent, the photographic process, are members of a completely different branch of the genealogical tree (the mechanical / chemical’).

For ‘Sonic Imagery’ we have chosen artists that take concepts of visualization, sound and its mediums being mixed together to create new forms of audio-visual works at the forefront of the movement today. 

Featured Artists:
Joelle Snaith
Leander Herzog, Milian Mori
Manami Sakamoto
Mathew Jonson, Jay Medvedeva, Tatsuru Arai
Suren Seneviratne

Additional visual art curated for Refraction by Agoria

Abstract AV pieces around Club Culture sounds 

AGORIA is a French electronic music pioneer, unstoppable DJ, independent label owner, film composer, forward-thinking digital artist, trailblazer of Biological Generative Art, or Web3 music innovator - Agoria can do it all, with taste. Make sure to keep up with this visionary artist and community leader, who's changing his world, and ours, one drop at a time.

Featured Artists:
Florian Zumbrunn
Inna Modja
Joanie Lemercier
Nephel’s Dream
Roman Kyn
stefan smith

Curated by Arroz Estúdios

Featured Artists:
Eric Hanu

Eric Hanu was born in Luanda in April 1991 having moved with his family to Lisbon in 1994. Hanu is a true self-taught artist, he paints what he feels and sees - inner and outer worlds come to life on his canvases and drawings - usually with a central theme that in turn tends to identify human emotions and perspectives.

burst_ is an anonymous crypto artist with an emphasis on post-neo expressionism and digital art he creates futuristic-hybrid-organic artworks as well in a digital as physical form. These are multi- and mixed media artworks which are supported by video, animation, digital media and actual painting. He often plays with motives which are repeating itself, a sort of code. Transformative processes of the human psyche in a digital age constitute an important focal point of his work.

Arroz Estúdios
Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, AAFC, 1900-320 Lisboa, Portugal
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