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Cover Image for Defeat the Blank Page: How to Get Started Quickly
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Defeat the Blank Page: How to Get Started Quickly

Hosted by Nishant Jain
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Do you hesitate in front of the blank page? Are you afraid of ruining the sketchbook with 'bad' drawings? Hesitations and second thoughts are never good for us. Every time we listen to them, we lose.

My Inside/Out approach to drawing will teach you how to get over your hesitations and approach the blank page with confidence!

This workshop is for artists, hobbyists, and anyone struggling to begin a sketchbook habit. From the session, you will learn how to:

🚦 Trust your vision
✒️ Minimize the gap between wanting to draw and actually getting started.
👍🏼 Build confidence in your lines

If you see something, draw something.

Observational drawing is one way to improve your art but it is so much more than just that.

It is a way to mindfully spend time in your environment. It is a way to disconnect from your devices and engage with the real world. It is a way to retrain your mind and reclaim your attention with an activity that is mental as well as physical.


[5 min] Introduction to my work.

[10 min] (Demo 1) Picking a focal point to go inside-out

[30 min] (Exercise 1) Participants integrate lessons from the demo to draw a scene from reference images.

[15 min] (Demo 2) Layering as a way to simplify the process

[20 min] (Exercise 2) Participants make FOUR 5-min sketches, going inside-out and emphasizing layers.

[10 min] Feedback and Summary of lessons.

[30 min+] - Open-ended discussion | Q&A | More demos.

Example drawings

Observe these drawings for how they budget for time, maintain a sharp focus, and feature bold lines.

Please note:

🎥 A private video of the session will be made available to registered participants.

💌 Participants can avail specific, individual feedback over email after the workshop.

Hosted By
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