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MoveTalk#04 - Workshop: Build NFT marketplace on Sui

Hosted by Web3Lab
Past Event
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About Event

MoveTalk is the monthly event series organized by Web3Lab which focuses on the technology stuff surrounding Move language and Move based blockchains especially Sui. 

Unlike the previous series, ​MoveTalk#04 will be in a workshop format which focuses on one specific topic: build the NFT marketplace on Sui. Because of the technical workshop, there is some recommendation for participants:

  • Participant should be developers/builders having basic knowledge of blockchain technology, familiar with one of the smart contract languages such as Solidity, Rust or Move

  • Laptop with linux-based OS is required (Mac, Ubuntu, Linux …). Some prerequisite packages must be installed (We will send the detailed instruction prior to the workshop day via participants emails) 

Our expectation after this workshop is that most participants have the basic knowledge of Sui blockchain, familiar with Sui Move and can start building the simple NFT marketplace. 

We would like to thank to our special partners: 

​The agenda

** We are planning to organize the Movetalk event for both online and offline format. If you are interested in supporting the Move ecosystem, please join us. Check-out more information here: **