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We are excited to be partnering with Lottie to bring you an educational event about Motion! This is the first event of our series about motion design.

Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that’s tiny yet high-quality & is used by the top 500 apps on the App store. LottieFiles recently launched its new platform that helps designers & developers to simplify their motion design workflow.

Adrian & Kelly from the visual design team will be part of the event, talking about their motion design process from conceptualization to final animation. They will also share their favorite motion design resources & where they seek inspiration.

🐰 Meet our speakers

Adrian Yap, Motion Designer

Adrian is a self-taught motion designer, having previously been a cinematographer for 10 years. He has a passion for photography, cooking & #dadjokes that he shares on his Instagram captions.

Kelly Loh, Senior Visual Designer

Kelly started off in print before transitioning into a digital designer. She spent 7 wonderfully stressful years in advertising, just started playing Warhammer & listens to classical music when chasing a deadline. 

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